Florence, french canadan, 17 and vegan. Stretched ears, tattoos n piercings♥. music, meditations, crystals, yoga, buddhism. i love my life. // MELODIC HARDCORE

not mine, but beautiful

#SoDeep By @namaste_unity “You want to awaken the world? Wish for peace in the world? You want eliminate suffering in the world? The answer is You. You can make a difference because the world is you. We must awaken all ourselves we must make peace with ourselves we must let go of all dark within us .Truly the greatest gift is your own transformation. #namaste  #within  #consciousness  #awakening  #metamorphosis” via @PhotoRepost_app

A region of the Carina Nebula in the Constellation Carina 
Image credit: ESO

▲ obey the prophecy ▲ the door to wonderland

amazing storm photo

Matt Houston, Gastown Tattoo Parlor Vancouver